Intergeneration launched

design virtually handmade

The President of the Swiss National Council Pascale Bruderer Wyss announced the launch of

07.03.2010 | Design

Moving in with iA

a short update from our office

After a nice holiday season, we needed change ;-). Information Architects gave us some space in their gorgeous office. iA is well-known for...

11.01.2010 | Random

The Fun Theory

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Flash ist Pflicht! Flash ist Pflicht!

The Fun Theory is an initiave in Sweden to find ways to change people's behaviour for the better. Be it for oneself, for the environment, or for something entirely different. Because it's such a nice...

04.12.2009 | Random

Design for

design virtually handmade

Doodle is a free online scheduling tool, which has users all over the world. Doodle has just released new features for its paid versions. This <link...

18.12.2009 | Design

Man-made clock

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Flash ist Pflicht!

This art installation was posted on the 5th of December on Youtube. Unfortunately I do not know where this art installation was displayed. But it's definitely worth to watch.

This clock does not...

11.12.2009 | Random

Break the sonic barrier

blogged on an art installation

Flash ist Pflicht!

It's a very simple installation but genious at the same time. What one can do with neon tubes!

11.12.2009 | Random

Impress by Surprise

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When we saw this on the silnt website, we were really amazed. When you are attending an event, handing out business card every few minutes, how can you...

06.11.2009 | Design, Marketing

Migros's fresh products

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Flash ist Pflicht!

This advert is a tv commecial of Switzerland biggest retailer Migros. It is claimed a huge success, because within only a few days everybody was talking about it. It is simple but kind of witty. In...

08.12.2009 | Ads, Marketing